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General questions

Q: I know nothing about Mockupgeek. How can I rely on you?

A: We did a titanic work to start the Mockupgeek. Our project was created on our specific needs to create a comfortable and convenient tool to communicate with you, but not based on free scripts. And we continue working day by day, maintaining the principles laid down in our framework. After everything we've been through, we do not have any sense to be short-lived. But if you feel some misgiving, we'll understand it. Just follow us by newsletter or any social network and observe for a while.
Q: What does "royalty free" mean?

A: It means you pay for rights to use the product just once per end product. You have no need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it.
Example: If you license a device mock-up and create a printed brochure given out for free, you don't need to pay an extra fee for each copy of the brochure you make.

Q: What is Additional Content and how am I allowed to use it?

A: Additional Content means files such as scripts, images, backgrounds, layouts, actions... etc, that accompany our products. You are not allowed to extract Additional Content from products or items and use it as stand-alone object or use as a part with third-party products. But you are allowed to use them freely and unlimited with any other Mockupgeek’s product that you have licensed.
Q: I'm not sure if my usage needs will be covered

A: If you have any doubt, after studying license map and License Agreement part of Terms of Service agreement, don't be shy and send us a request. We'll respond you shortly.

Prices, Payments & Bonuses

Q: How long does Balance Funds valid?

A: The Funds are valid for all time of existence of Mockupgeek.
Q: I still can't get Free Bonus.

A: It's very easy to get Free Bonus. Just follow these steps:
- confirm your email address;
- fill in all fields marked with a star at your account profile page;
- and don't forget to Save changes you've done.
Voila! The Funds are in your pocket!
Q: What do you mean by saying "stock price"?

A: In case of purchasing our products by spending Balance Funds you can save money significantly. In other words, part of the product's cost compensating by Bonus Funds, that makes prices to be sweet.
By the way we can write here a lot of words that can confuse you even more. Just explore Prices page where you can find detailed graphic explanation of how it works.

Webite Usage

Q: Can I change email address at profile section after register is completed?

A: No, you can't do it by yourself. Please be careful with it. As a last resort we can change your email address (login) by your request.
Q: I've added a product to Wishlist and then to Cart. Product dissapeared from Wishlist. Why?

A: One product can be at one time only in one place - in your Wishlist or in your Cart. You can move that product from your Cart to Wishlist and in reverse if you want. After finishing the order, the link for that product's page will be always available under appropriate order number from Downloads tab of your account.

Licenses Questions

Q: What license types are available to purchase?

A: You can choose Standard License which covers most of daily needs or pick Extended License in case Standard License's possibility not enough to achieve your goals. If you need flexible options to use our products send us a request for Custom License.
Q: Are the licenses transferable?

A: Yes, you are allowed to transfer purchased license to a third-party in frames of limitations and conditions set in the Terms of Service agreement's paragraphs.
Q: Am I allowed to use licensed items in templates or products for sell?

A: With Standard License you are not allowed to do so. But you can use our items for cover preview image or other preview pics of a product that is sold. With Extended License you are allowed to include our items in a product that's sold but only in such form that makes impossible to extract any original part of item (see this question for details). For using our items in on-demand products see this question.
Example: you assume to use an item in a package design which overall quantity limited to 500000 copies then Standard License will be enough.

Q: Am I allowed to resell or distribute your items for free?

A: No, it's prohibited to use Mockupgeek's items anyway even if a product is available for free.
Example: It's strictly prohibited to give access to our items (with or without any modifying) for everyone, but if you want to share product with your readers or visitors you can use only some preview images of an item on your website and must give a direct hyperlink to the corresponding product page on website for download.

Q: Am I allowed to use licensed item in on-demand product?

A: You can do so only if you purchase a separate Standard License for each end product incorporating the item that is created in that way.
Q: License Agreement changed after I purchased the product. Should I stick to old or new version using the product?

A: You can use purchased product and its items according to the old rules.

Products questions

Q: I purchased an Item that was removed shortly afterwards. But I haven't downloaded it yet.

A: This can be a very rare case and we hope this will not happen. But anything can happen, you know. Just write us about the problem and we will solve it as soon as possible.
Q: Need I to point Mockupgeek's credits, distributing the end product?

A: Yes you need to do so according to the conditions specified in parts II.A.10a-10d of Terms of Service agreement.
Q: At what form can I distribute the end product to protect item from re-use or separation?

A: You must distribute end product or further use in such form that makes impossible to extract any original part of item. Also you should not give access to such parts and / or additional content elements with the end product or separately from it.
Example: Saving the end product to non-extractable formats like .jpg, .gif,...etc, is the easiest way to protect item's parts. If you plan to distribute or further use end product in non-destructive formats like .psd, .tiff or like so, please be sure you've merged work layers to one rasterized layer.

Q: I want to buy a product, which requires newer software version than I have.

A: There is nothing terrible. We can help you. To get this, you need to buy the right product and send us a request with attached image that you want to see incorporated into our item. We will perform the expected work and then will send the final picture to your email.
And it will not cost you a penny! Totally free.
Notes: The final result will be sent in a .jpeg format without layers and only to email specified in your profile. The request should contain (besides an attachment):
1. Email that you provided to us through registration.
2. Order number, that contain a paid product.
3. ID of paid product (and ID of right item in case product is a bundle).
4. Additional wishes, if any.

Q: Am I allowed to use components of item separate from it?

A: You are not allowed to extract any component from products or items and use it as stand-alone object or use as a part with third-party products. But you are allowed to use it freely and unlimitedly with any other Mockupgeek’s product that you've already licensed.

Using items depicting real-world products

Q: What does "may not be property released" mean?

A: It means that the item of product you’ve purchased can contain object of intellectual property rights in a real-world product or trademark that depicted in the item. So if you want to use the item for your project, you’ll need to consider how you'll be using the item. If it's for a non-editorial purpose you'll need to get clearance from the original rights owner. That's because there is no connection between the original rights owner and Mockupgeek.
Example: The item contains picture of a Yamaha guitar. The guitar is a real-world product which we didn't create and we don't own any intellectual property rights of the real product itself, Yamaha does. Although we created and own the image of it. So it's no problem to use the guitar image for editorial purposes but if you want to use that for other purposes, you'll need to contact Yamaha to get permission.

Q: What does "editorial use" mean?

A: It means using an item for news or articles purposes like in blogs, magazines and newspapers editorial applications. Or in other words when you use item to illustrate some topic without attributing property rights of depicted objects to yourself or third parties.

Company usage

Q: Am I allowed to give access to licensed item for everyone?

A: No you are not allowed to do so. It's strictly prohibited. You must not provide access to our items for fee, for free or even just with the aim of get acquainted to them.
Q: Am I allowed to share licensed item with other employees at my company?

A: Yes, if you act on behalf of your employer then one purchased license covers the whole company. Thus, one purchased license is sufficient for any number of employees working on the same project. But you should understand that you have to take all necessary security measures from unauthorized access and piracy.
Example: Licensed item cannot be available in a way that unauthorized parties can access it on an unprotected webserver or file sharing service.